There are many different ways to cultivate gratitude in your daily life.

To put it simply, gratitude is about feeling true appreciation for the good things that happen in your life. Gratitude is defined  in the Oxford dictionary as "the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness."

Gratitude is an important daily practice, that may take more thought at first. It is important to connect with the feeling of gratitude; by noticing this feeling more frequently, it will allow you to practice gratitude in each moment that you recognize it. 

Depending on your perception of your current life circumstance or emotional state, finding daily gratitude may appear to be challenging, and that's alright! That's why you are here right now and ready to make it part of your practice.

Starting with something simple is best; Can you feel appreciation for what you already have in your life?

  • Comfy bed
  • Home
  • Sunsets/sunrise

Keep it simple by staying in the moment and think about what you are grateful for right now, just as it is.

Sometimes I complete a variation of the gratitude practice that really helps me connect with the feeling. I take time write what I am thankful for in the morning (before there is any resistance in my day) but I start with the phrase "I love..." such as "I love being in nature" and "I love adventures with my family". it really connects me to the feeling of gratitude and serves as a dual purpose to start my day with positive intentions.

A fun way you can practice gratitude as a family is to use a daily gratitude chart. Each night, everyone has to name three things that happened during their day that they are thankful for. It's a great way to start the concept of gratitude in your home.

(Hint: Gratitude is a simple topic to turn into your daily ritual.)

I encourage you to explore different variations of feeling gratitude in your daily life and to find your own starting point for cultivating daily gratitude. When you are ready, continue below or click to complete the self care task for daily gratitude

Use this daily meditation practice for gratitude

Gratitude meditation

Meditation for daily gratitude practice.

self care task for gratitude

Follow the simple steps below to cultivate gratitude in your daily routine

step one

step three

step one

Explore different gratitude practices and determine what practice work best for you. Remember it is about connecting with the feeling of gratitude:

  • Gratitude Journal
  • Gratitude meditation
  • Gratitude chart
  • Gratitude exchange with your partner or friend

step two

step three

step one

Select one practice that works best for you and commit to following that gratitude practice daily for 21 days. Share your commitment with a friend or loved one, or with me!

step three

step three

step three

Notice the difference in the ease and flow of your day when you are practicing daily gratitude. Document and celebrate the positive changes in your life as a result of this daily gratitude practice.

complete the self care task and tell me about your experience

i want to hear from you!

 I would love to hear about your commitments, challenges and what went well! 

You can also ask me any questions you might have about the process. Simply fill out the form on this page and hit "send" - I look forward to hearing from you!

~ Laura

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