Feeling connected

For me, feeling connected is about believing in something. it's about a deep knowing and a true sense of wonder and amazement about how the world works.

Sometimes my sense of connection comes from my amazement of the moon light, the stars and the solar system, and the fact that we are humans occupying a small planet in a universe that has no end. or when I feel sunshine and see the natural beauty that surrounds us and the perfect order of Mother Nature.

But mostly, feeling connected is about believing and staying true to your inner knowing. Believing in something is what makes it true and real. My favourite Wayne Dyer quote (also his book title) is " You'll see it when you believe it" ... take a few moments to let that sink in.

Feeling connected is very unique for every individual and may require some deep reflection and contemplation. Maybe even some inner exploration. Connection is something you have to find and define on your own terms, along your own path. it's part of the reason why we are here and have an innate feeling of longing for connection. My tip to you: do not look for this connection outside of yourself ... it can only come from within, from a deep place of knowing and believing.

Take some time to think about what it means to you to feel connected and explore where you might already feel a sense of connection. When you are ready, continue below or click to complete the self care task for feeling connected.

self care task for feeling connected

Follow the simple steps below to practice feeling connected in your daily routine.

step one

step three

step one

Take some time to reflect on times in your life when you felt a true sense of connection. Write down your reflections and what the connection was about. (There could be more than one).

step two

step three

step one

Sit quietly with your notes from your reflection .(15-20 mins of stillness) Try to feel where this sense of connection comes from. 

Does this feeling of connection come from within you or outside of you? 

Is it something you can believe in with tenacity?

Is your feeling of connection something that you believe in so much that you know you do not need to defend it?

step three

step three

step three

Write down your thoughts on feeling connected and those things you truly believe in. 

Where can this sense of connection be incorporated into your daily practice? 

Where does this sense of connection help you in your life?

Option one: Find a symbol or reminder for feeling connected so that you can refer to it during times of uncertainty.

Option two: if you are comfortable, share your thoughts about your sense of connection with a close friend or partner (or me!) to see what it sparks in you while you are speaking about it. Remember, if you feel the need to defend it, you have more work to do! (back to reflection in step one)

Complete the self care task and tell me about your experience

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~ Laura

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