Cultivate movement

Movement is the ultimate medicine. It is a necessity to make movement part of your everyday routine; movement supports your physical health, your emotional health and your mental health. It can be a small commitment each day ... but an important one! A dance party in your living room, a brisk walk outdoors, jumping jacks, yoga, dance ... there are so many options!

My favourite forms of movement are yoga and walking outdoors. If I can't fit both into my day, I always find time for one. The key is to not let the commitment overwhelm you: If you don't have time to do a full yoga routine, then just do some stretches. If you don't have time for the full walk, at least step outside and move around. I like to aim for a minimum of 20 minutes ... but don't let a time commitment stand in your way! Even if you can do 5 minutes of stretching, your body and mind will thank you. And my favourite trick for the busy multi-tasker: sometimes I combine my walk with a meditation to listen to ... movement and meditation all in one! There is no 'wrong way' to practice Self Care :)

Take some time to think about how you can cultivate movement into your daily routine and explore what movement practice might work best for you. When you are ready, continue below or click to complete the Self Care task for movement.

You can also explore some of my favourite methods and sources of inspiration to see what works for you by checking out the Self Care Resource page.

My favourite online content for movement:

Boho Beautiful yoga

Buti Yoga

Movement Lab

Short video on movement

If you are looking for more movement inspiration, watch this two minute video. The focus of this video is on Buti Yoga... I still encourage you to explore different movement methods that work for you, but I chose this video because of how well they describe the feeling you get from a daily movement practice. (And I do love the Buti Yoga practice!)

self care task for movement

Follow the simple steps below to practice movement in your daily routine

step one

step three

step one

Choose the type of movement that will fit well into your day / life and determine how much time you are willing to commit (20 minutes is a good start!) Take time to explore different options on our resource page Think about the reasons why movement will help you and how you want to feel each day as a result of this commitment.

step two

step three

step one

Choose or create a space where your movement practice can take place freely. Determine if you require any supplies (e.g. yoga mat). Take time to consider what distractions might get in your way and make a plan of how you will overcome those distractions. 

(Example: when my child is crawling all over me during yoga practice, I know I need to have an extra yoga mat handy!)

step three

step three

step three

Choose the day you are going to start and make movement part of your daily self care practice. Remember, if you can't do the full movement routine on a particular day, make time for at least five minutes of movement to keep the good feeling momentum of the commitment you made.

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