Setting Goals


Goals can be a tricky thing, and will serve everyone in a different way. For some people, goals keep you on track and can be used as a handy “checkpoint” along your path. Goals can be of any scale; a daily “to do” list, a weekly goal or longer-term goals that can cover accomplishments planned for the months and years ahead.

It’s important to be mindful of when goals need to be adjusted. As with life, knowing change is inevitable, we need to be open to making adjustments to our goals along the way.. otherwise, goals can turn into an unfortunate discouragement that could work against you. Goals should be fun and will work best if you have a good feeling associated with it.

Setting goals can be most successful when it is based on your vision for the future and when your goals are aligned with your values. If you haven’t taken time to identify your values or uncover your vision for the future, I highly recommend starting with that first, before setting goals. Make sure that when you are setting goals, you are setting goals in a way that is beneficial to you, to keep you motivated and not deterred. There are many different ways you can leverage goals and different ways you can start. 

Remember goals serve a different purpose that is unique to you, so take time to think about how goals can motivate you. Some things you can try:

  • Create daily or weekly “to do’s” and examine how it feels to check things off your list (it can often lead to a good sense of accomplishment)
  • Use a Goals chart, with larger goals for the year and list “tasks” underneath each goal to make achieving the goal more manageable, in small steps.
  • Use an online program, such as Asana, to input goals and tasks and track progress
  • Create a vision board to support the overall vision of your goals for the future

There are many different ways you can use goal setting as a way to motivate you and keep you on track. Goals will definitely leave you with a sense of accomplishment when used in a way that suits you best.

Take some time to think about setting goals and what your future vision looks like. When you are ready, continue below or click here to complete the self care task for goals.

Short video on setting goals and creating vision boards

Check out this short video with Natalie MacNeil to listen in on a great discussion focused around releasing old goals, setting new manageable goals and completing a vision board to support your goals.

Meditation for manifesting goals

ten minute meditation available for manifesting goals.

self care task for goal setting

Follow the simple steps below to practice goal setting in your daily routine.

step one

step three

step one

Decide on what type of commitment you are willing to make to setting goals. Do you want to focus on  daily to do lists, weekly or monthly goal setting, or future goals and big visions.

step two

step three

step one

Write down your goals or list of to dos in a place where you can refer back to them regularly. If you choose, create a vision board to support your larger goals and vision for the future.

step three

step three

step three

Reflect on your goals - do they align with your values and future vision? Take the goals you have decided on and break them down into smaller steps that you can action. Keep your goals and action steps written down in a place that you can refer to regularly. Keep your vision board in a place where you can look at it daily to reflect on the future. Remember to adjust your goals and your vision as changes in your life require you to do so.

complete the self care task and tell me about your experience

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